The main purpose of pentaerythritol

Pentaerythritol is mainly used in the coatings industry , alkyd resin coatings can be used to manufacture , enabling the hardness , gloss and durability of the paint film can be improved. It is also used as a raw material needed for rosin resin paints , varnishes and printing inks , and system -drying , Yin Fang empty flammable paints and lubricants . Pentaerythritolfatty acid ester is a highly effective lubricant and PVC plasticizer , an epoxy derivative of the raw material is from the production of surfactants . Pentaerythritol easily form complexes with metal , but also as a water softener in the detergent formulation used . In addition, for pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other production .

Pentaerythritol molecules containing four equivalents of hydroxymethyl, a high degree of symmetry , it is often used as a polyfunctional compound is prepared to take the raw material . It can be prepared by the nitration of Pentaerythritol tetranitrate ( PETN , PETN), is a high explosive ; esterification available Pentaerythritoltriacrylate (PETA), used as a coating .
Used as a flame retardant adhesive , and ammonium polyphosphate (APP) with available intumescent flame retardant . Polyurethane crosslinker also used to provide a branched polyurethane inside .