Domestic market dynamics of mixed xylene on August 8

1、 Price summary of mixed xylene on August 5:


Sodium selenite

The price of Qingdao refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. is 8050 yuan / ton, and that of Shijiazhuang refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. is 7900 yuan / ton,


Jiujiang Petrochemical offers 8000 yuan / ton, and Yangba offers 7800 yuan / ton,


Guangzhou Petrochemical quoted 8200 yuan / ton, and Maoming Petrochemical quoted 8100 yuan / ton,


Changling Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. offers 8150 yuan / ton,


Xinhai Petrochemical offers 8100 yuan / ton.


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

2、 Fluctuation trend:



3、 Analysis comments:


In terms of crude oil, the US economic data was good, and employment data showed strong growth, alleviating the negative sentiment of economic recession on energy demand, and the oil price rose slightly.


Today, the xylene of Sinopec South China was reduced by 200 yuan / ton.


The crude oil support is unstable, and the mixed xylene market is cautious.