DBP price trend on October 13

DBP prices fell on October 13

According to the data monitoring of the business community, the DBP price fell on October 13. After experiencing a continuous surge after the festival, the DBP price fell on October 13 and the DBP market stabilized. As of October 13, the price of DBP was 13833.33 yuan / ton, down 1.43% from 14033.33 yuan / ton on October 12 of the previous trading day; Compared with the price of 11266.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of October, the price of DBP increased by 22.78%.

On the 13th, the rise of raw material prices slowed down

According to the price monitoring of business club, on the 13th, the prices of DBP raw materials n-butanol and phthalic anhydride rose, but the rise slowed down, and the quotations of some enterprises fell. The overall DBP cost stabilized, and the support for DBP rise was insufficient.

Future expectations

Bai Jiaxin, DBP data analyst of business society, believes that after the October Festival, the price of DBP raw materials soared, which stimulated the rise of DBP prices. However, with the continuous rise of prices, the acceptance of downstream customers decreased, and the demand for DBP decreased. On the 13th, the price of raw materials stabilized and fell, which stimulated the decline of DBP prices, and the high cost ensured that DBP prices remained high. DBP prices are expected to remain weak and stable at high levels in the future.