The shipping atmosphere is good, and the propane market price continues to rise

In the second week of September, the overall domestic propane market still increased, and Shandong continued the rising route, with the overall focus moving upward. According to the data monitoring of business agency, the average price of propane in Shandong market was 5015.75 yuan / ton on September 5 and 5108.25 yuan / ton on September 9, with an increase of 1.84% during the week, an increase of 2.51% compared with September 1.

As of September 9, the mainstream prices of propane in different regions in China are as follows:

region Specifications September 9th

East China Propane,% (V / V) not less than 95 4950-5050 yuan / ton

North China Propane,% (V / V) not less than 95 5050-5150 yuan / ton

Shandong region Propane,% (V / V) not less than 95 5050-5220 yuan / ton

South China Propane,% (V / V) not less than 95 5080-5200 yuan / ton

In the second week of September, the domestic propane market continued to rise as a whole, and the propane Market in Shandong continued to rise within the week, but the range was general. In September, CP prices were introduced, and both propylene and butane increased, which brought some support to the market. The international crude oil market fell first and then rose during the week, bringing periodic benefits to the market. Individual manufacturers in Shandong temporarily parked, and the market supply decreased. In terms of demand, the weather has cooled down, and the terminal demand has increased to a certain extent. At present, most manufacturers’ inventory is at a low level and their mentality is relatively strong. Downstream buy up do not buy down mentality into the market actively, prices continue to rise. At present, the north and South markets are dominated by growth, and the growth of the north market is relatively conservative than that of the south market.

Saudi Aramco announced in September that both propylene and butane rose. Propane was 665 USD / T, an increase of 5 USD / t over the previous month; Butane is 665 USD / T, an increase of 10 USD / T compared with the previous month.

On the whole, the current rebound of international crude oil has brought some support to the market. In September, the traditional peak season has entered, the terminal demand has improved, the downstream mentality is good, the market entry is positive, the manufacturer’s mentality is firm under the low inventory level, and the price has increased. At present, there are many positive factors in the market. It is expected that the propane market will still rise in the short term. Specifically, we still need to pay attention to the changes of international crude oil.