Epichlorohydrin market stable and weak

1、 Price trend of epichlorohydrin

(Figure: p-value curve of epichlorohydrin product)

2、 Market analysis

Recently, the market price of epichlorohydrin has been stable, but it has dropped. The market is mainly stable, and the quotations of some enterprises have declined slightly. According to the data of business news agency’s block list, as of April 22, the average quoted price of epichlorohydrin enterprises was 16166.67 yuan / ton, down 1.82% compared with the price at the beginning of the week, up 27.63% compared with the price on April 1, and up 34.72% compared with the price on March 22.

Recently, the price of propylene continues to rise, the price of glycerol is relatively strong, and the supply side is relatively tight, which supports the high-level operation of epichlorohydrin market. However, with the increasing resistance of downstream to high price raw materials, the purchasing enthusiasm is weakened, the epoxy resin start-up in some regions is low, the market follow-up persistence is insufficient, the delivery pressure of the carrier is under pressure, and the market negotiation center is stable and weak, At present, the mainstream quotation of epichlorohydrin market in Shandong is around 16000-16300 yuan / ton.

As of April 21, the market price of propylene in Shandong still rose slightly. According to the price chart of the business association, the price of propylene decreased sharply in the second half of March and rose at the end of the month. At the beginning of April, the market price rose slowly, with an average daily increase of about 50 yuan / ton. From the 6th, the price rose steadily, and from the 16th, the price rose steadily at the rate of 50 yuan / ton again. Now, the market transaction is between 8550 yuan / ton and 8650 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 8550 yuan / ton. On April 20, the external market of propylene in the United States dropped significantly again, which may have a certain impact on the domestic market. Propylene prices in Asia have been rising slightly in recent days, which has little impact on the propylene market. Propylene market is now no pressure inventory, part of the device is still in repair. The supply of goods in Shandong is a little tight.

On April 22, East China liquid epoxy resin market was put into operation. The mainstream negotiation price reference was around 39500-40500 yuan / ton. There was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the downstream.

3、 Future forecast

Business community epichlorohydrin analysts believe that, on the whole, there is some support from the cost side and the supply side, but the support from the demand side is weak, and the market atmosphere is stalemate. It is expected that in the short term, the epichlorohydrin market will be mainly stable, with a narrow range of shocks. More attention should be paid to market information guidance.