Acetic acid price fluctuated upward in July

According to the monitoring of bulk data of business agency, affected by the shortage of market supply, the domestic acetic acid market fluctuated higher in July. As of July 30, the average price of acetic acid in East China was about 2633 yuan / ton, an increase of 12.86% compared with 2333 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month. At present, there are 2600-2650 yuan / ton in Shandong, 2500-2600 yuan / ton in Jiangsu, 2600-2700 yuan / ton in Zhejiang, 2400 yuan / ton in Henan, 2600-2650 yuan / ton in Hebei and 2250 yuan / ton in Northwest China.



Unit capacity (10000 t / a) unit output (T / D)

Yankuang Guotai 110.3000

Hualu Hengsheng: 50.1500, planned to overhaul for 25 days on 8.3

Yangzi BP 50 parking

Jiangsu Sopu 120.3000

Celanese 1200 2000

Jiantao, Hebei, 50.1400

Tianjin Bohua 35 700

Henan Shunda 40.1400

Henan Longyu 50.1500

Henan Yima 25 parking

Shaanxi Yanchang 30.1000

Shanghai Huayi 70.1800

Anhui Huayi 50.1300

Dalian Hengli 35.1100

At the beginning of this month, enterprises in East China and North China gradually reduced the load of inspection and repair. In addition, at the beginning of the month, most enterprises focused on delivery contracts, which led to the shortage of spot supply of acetic acid in East China, and the enterprises raised their prices successively. After the middle of the month, due to the completion of enterprise maintenance and the recovery of production, the supply in the future market was expected to increase, resulting in certain fluctuations in the market, and the price was small The price of acetic acid rose back to the highest price of 2683 yuan / ton in the month (average price in East China). Near the end of the month, the demand of downstream market slowed down and the market transaction was light. Some enterprises lowered the price to reduce the follow-up inventory, with a drop of about 50 yuan / ton.



In terms of upstream market and tourism market, methanol market fluctuated downward, maintenance enterprises in Northwest China gradually recovered, enterprises and port inventory increased, spot price of methanol continued to decline, at present, about 1622 yuan / ton. On the downstream side, the prices of vinyl acetate, acetate and other downstream industries of acetic acid are firm due to the high level of raw materials, but the overall market start-up is not high, the demand is flat, the price support for acetic acid is insufficient, and the downturn in the terminal market leads to the situation of oversupply in the industry; the PTA market put into operation new equipment in July, the terminal demand is weak, the supply increases, the inventory is high, the fundamentals are under negative pressure, and the price shocks Swing down, the end of the end of the cost support and terminal demand bargain purchase, tail showed a small recovery.


In terms of the international market, the performance of the Asian acetic acid market as a whole is fair due to the strong price in China, and the current quotation is about 300-360 US dollars / ton; the European market is generally stable, and the demand for acetic acid is fair, which is about 540 euro / T; the North American market is slightly driven by the Asian market, with the current price of about 455 US dollars / ton.


The acetic acid analysts of the business club believe that the current domestic acetic acid market is at a high level and weak. In early August, Yangtze BP will restart, the spot supply of the market is stable, and the downstream acetate Market has a certain loss. The overall stock in July is relatively sufficient, the market transaction is flat, and the operators are obviously bearish on the acetic acid market. Hualu Hengsheng plans to start a 25 day overhaul on August 3, which may lead to the market There was some fluctuation in supply. The acetic acid market is expected to be stable and soft in a short period of time. Pay attention to whether the enterprise maintenance can provide good support.