High cost, ethyl acetate market price rises in July

According to the monitoring of bulk data of business agency, affected by high market cost, the East China ethyl acetate Market rose steadily in July. As of July 29, the average price of enterprises in East China was about 5600 yuan / ton, up 1.13% compared with the beginning of the month and 2.42% higher than the same period of last month.


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This month, the domestic ethyl acetate market started stable as a whole, and the spot supply was sufficient, but the downstream market was in the off-season, and the purchase of ethyl acetate was limited, and the market supply exceeded the demand. However, due to the high production cost of enterprises, the price of ethyl acetate passively followed.


In terms of raw materials, the acetic acid market remained high in the month. Affected by the negative impact of enterprise maintenance, the spot supply in the market was tight, and the enterprises had a good attitude of keeping up prices. At present, it was in a wait-and-see situation after the rise. However, with the expected increase of future supply, the long-term outlook may be downward. The high level of ethanol market is strong, and the price rise of raw material corn supports the rise of ethanol price. At present, most enterprises mainly consume the stock purchased in the early stage, and the price of ethanol slows down. At present, the price of ethanol is about 6150 yuan / ton.


Internationally, the overall performance of international ethyl acetate is relatively stable, among which the port price of European market is about 750 euro / ton; the port price of North American market is about 610-660 US dollars / ton.


According to the analysts of ethyl acetate of the business club, the oversupply of domestic ethyl acetate market continues to intensify, and the main reason for the high price is the high production cost. In the future market, we need to pay attention to the price fluctuation of acetic acid and ethanol market, and it is expected to be stable in the short term.

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