China’s domestic acetic acid market is stable and weak

1、 Price trend


According to the bulk data monitoring of the business agency, affected by the weak downstream demand and the upcoming restart of large factories in East China, the domestic acetic acid market has been in a weak and stable operation recently. As of May 21, the quotations in Henan are about 2350-2450 yuan / ton; in Shandong, about 2550-2650 yuan / ton; in Hebei, about 2600-2650 yuan / ton; in Shaanxi, about 2280 yuan / ton; in Jiangsu, about 2500-260 yuan / ton About 0 yuan / ton; the quotation in Zhejiang is about 2600-2700 yuan / ton; the quotation sent to South China is about 2550-2650 yuan / ton, an overall increase of 7.98% over the early May.


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2、 Cause analysis

Production trends of plant capacity (10000 tons / year)

Normal production of Yankuang Guotai 110

Hualu Hengsheng 50 normal production

80% of Yangtze BP 50

Celanese 120 recovered to 70%

Jiangsu Thorpe 120 4.20 overhaul, 5.25 restart expected

Hebei Jiantao 50 5.10 maintenance 20 days

Tianjin Bohua 35 normal production

Henan Shunda 45 plan 5.23 maintenance for one week

Henan Longyu 50, 70%

Shaanxi extends maintenance for one month from May 6, 2015

Shanghai Huayi 70 started construction for 50% and planned maintenance for one month from May 23

Anhui Huayi 50, 80%


Product: at present, the domestic acetic acid market is stable and weak, and the market is gradually showing weakness. The domestic acetic acid market as a whole has been started and maintained at about 60%. The Celanese plant in Nanjing has resumed production. The 1.2 million ton / year plant in Jiangsu Thorpe is expected to restart on May 25. The market supply is expected to increase, and the market supply tension has been alleviated to some extent. However, the downstream market demand is still slow to return to the normal level. The spot transaction in the market is weak, and there is a certain bearish attitude towards the acetic acid market The intention of sub holding traders to ship goods is strong, and the actual orders decline.


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Industry chain: in the upstream, the domestic methanol price continues to decline, some enterprises stop selling, the freight is high, the traders operate cautiously, at present, about 1657 yuan / ton; the domestic acetate, vinyl acetate and other industries are weak and stable, the cost support is acceptable, the overall operating rate of the industry has declined, the downstream demand is poor, and it is expected to be concussed in the short term; PTA unit maintenance is expected to increase, Superimposed terminal enterprises have returned to work one after another, the relationship between supply and demand has improved, and it is expected that the short-term shocks will be stronger.


3、 Future forecast


According to the acetic acid analyst of the business association, at present, the transaction atmosphere in the domestic acetic acid market is weak, and the restart of large factories in East China has a negative impact on the market mentality. Although PTA market starts at a high level, it has little impact on the acetic acid market. In addition, the demand for other products is still weak, and the shipping intention of some acetic acid traders obviously leads to a decline in actual orders. It is expected that the acetic acid market will be stable in a short time Soft.

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