On March 24, the price of silicon metal (441 #) was lowered

1. Trade name: silicon metal (441#)


2. Latest price (March 24, 2020): 11975 yuan / ton


ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

The price of 441 × silicon in each region is as follows:


The price range of metal silicon in Fujian is 11500-11700 yuan / ton, in Sichuan is 11700-11900 yuan / ton, in Kunming is 11700-11800 yuan / ton, in Shanghai is 12400-12600 yuan / ton, in Tianjin port is 12100-12300 yuan / ton, in Huangpu port is 11900-12100 yuan / ton 。


3. Analysis points:


Domestically, the supply side is still low, the production of silicon plants in Xinjiang is reduced, and the operation rate in Yunnan and Sichuan is not high. It is reported that the current social inventory decreased nearly 30% year on year.


Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

Due to the poor expectation of the industrial chain terminal and the reduction effect of the market expectation, the domestic downstream organosilicon monomer and aluminum alloy industry chain transmission cast a pessimistic expectation on the consumption of silicon metal. Although the supply and demand in the domestic market are both falling, the price is dominated by panic sentiment and the traders’ willingness to store goods is reduced.


On the foreign side, the spread of foreign epidemic will affect more downstream enterprises and reduce foreign demand.


4. Future forecast: it is expected that the short-term operation of silicon metal will be weak.

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