Weak operation of methanol market

1、 Price trend


According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the domestic methanol market is in weak operation. As of February 11, the average price of the domestic methanol market is 2147 yuan / ton. Prices fell 2.72% month on month and 2.39% year on year.



2、 Market analysis


Products: at present, there are not many methanol enterprises in various regions in China, which mainly consume inventory. After the festival, most of the downstream factories have not resumed production, and the demand is bleak. The downstream market as a whole started at a low level, and the transportation was limited, and the trade mentality was mostly bearish.


Industry chain: formaldehyde: the domestic formaldehyde market has not yet started. As the downstream market is still in a state of shutdown, no enterprises have resumed production in the formaldehyde market. At the same time, the upstream methanol market is significantly lower than that before the festival, and the overall supply and demand side is affected by the air gap. In addition, due to the limited transportation, the short-term formaldehyde market is difficult to resume operation, and the trading atmosphere is too weak to change.



Acetic acid: the domestic acetic acid market is light, the trans provincial transportation is still limited, the shipment of each manufacturer is not smooth, the supplier’s offer is temporarily stable, and the market starts to maintain a low level. The restart time of some downstream acetate plants was delayed again, aggravating the market negative situation. Some long-term contracts and ships maintain the normal operation of main manufacturers’ supply, but the market fundamentals are still oversupplied, waiting for the recovery time of automobile transportation and the downstream start-up time to support.


Dimethyl ether: the domestic market price of dimethyl ether is low as a whole, and the price of some enterprises is still showing signs of downward trend. At present, the main production area of Henan two methyl ether turnover mainstream reference 3100-3150 yuan / ton, terminal gas station demand than last week has signs of improvement, but the traffic aspect continues to give no force, the two methyl ether enterprises shipments are still more difficult.


3、 Future forecast


View of business community: the price of methanol enterprises is not high, but the delivery situation is limited. Drivers are worried and there are still not many transport vehicles. Some downstream enterprises, such as refineries, began to bid to receive goods, but the transportation cycle grew. There are different attitudes among the business people. The methanol analyst of the business association predicted that in the short term, China’s methanol market might be weak.