MDI market wait and see

1、 Price trend


According to the price monitoring of the business agency, as of February 11, the average price of domestic aggregate MDI market was 13150 yuan / ton, up 1.15% month on month and 1.94% year on year. The overall market is waiting to be sorted out.


Benzalkonium chloride

2、 Market analysis


Products: the MDI market continues to maintain a quiet atmosphere, weak finishing wait-and-see. Under the pressure of inventory, the supplier’s manufacturers all reduced their production and reduced their load. The Ryan unit was seriously affected by the local epidemic, and it was learned that it was difficult to return to work in the near future within one month. Most of the downstream enterprises have not returned to work, so it is hard to be optimistic about the market demand. The trade links are all online but also “on paper”. The logistics is limited in all aspects, and the number of inquiry customers is very small.


In terms of market, the MDI market of South China polymerization is weak and stable. Traders mainly work online, with few inquiries downstream. The commencement time of downstream terminal is postponed, and the atmosphere is quiet. In North China, aggregate MDI is quiet and stable. The supplier is under great pressure, reducing the load or stopping, and the traders start work in cloud and isolate themselves at home. There are occasional enquiries in the downstream, and there is no intention to buy for a short time. The aggregate MDI market in East China is stable. The epidemic situation in East China is serious, and the downstream construction time continues to be delayed. Most of the traders return to work in the cloud, and they will not offer or continue to offer before the festival.


Sodium Molybdate

Industrial chain: in terms of raw materials, the focus of pure benzene has declined, and the atmosphere is stalemate. At present, automobile transportation and logistics are still limited, and refineries and downstream are facing shipment pressure. In the follow-up, there were many domestic trade ships arriving at the port in East China, but the downstream was affected by the failure of the terminal to resume work, and the intention of spot purchase was weak.


Aniline: aniline factory and downstream enterprises shut down or reduce more negative, market supply and demand are weak, factory delivery is general, market stability is the main, North China mainstream negotiation price reference is 6540 yuan / ton acceptance, East China market mainstream reference is 6750 yuan / ton.

3、 Future forecast


Business Club view: Business Club aggregate MDI analysts expect that aggregate MDI market is mainly stable.