China’s domestic ethanol market is stronger

I. price trend


According to the monitoring data of business agency, as of December 3, the average price of domestic ethanol market was 5480 yuan / ton, with the price rising 1.11% month on month and 0.86% year on year. The domestic ethanol market is relatively strong, and the market in some areas is strong.



II. Market analysis


Product: the domestic ethanol market is relatively strong. The ethanol market in Northeast China is in a strong operation, with large factories mostly executing contracts and liquor companies mainly pricing; the ethanol market in East China is rising steadily, with some liquor companies increasing their offers and better moving goods; the ethanol market in Shandong Province is in a stable operation, with stable supply prices in Northeast China, few on-site inventory and large factories mostly executing contracts; the ethanol market in Northern Jiangsu Province is rising sharply, with few on-site stocks and liquor companies making offers Pull up; cassava alcohol market in southern Jiangsu is on the rise, with low inventory and terminal receiving on demand; ethanol market in Henan is on the rise, with active terminal stock, with individual liquor companies reporting upward; ethanol market in South China is on a high swing, with Jinyuan planning to start up and liquor companies reporting temporarily stable.


Industry chain: corn: it is understood that the warehouses directly under the central grain reserve in many regions of Northeast China were successively opened in early December to acquire new corn of 2019. Among them, the central grain reserve Yushu directly under the warehouse opened for purchase on December 3, with the water content above 14% of the second-class (including) national standard of 1675 yuan / ton; the central grain reserve Harbin directly under the warehouse opened for purchase on December 2, with the storage price of 14% of the third-class and above water content of 1680 yuan / ton; the Ulanhot Tiexi National Grain Reserve opened for purchase on December 2, with the purchase price of 14% of the second-class water content of 1660 yuan / ton and the third-class water content of 1640 yuan / ton. The country of origin reserves have successively opened warehouses for purchase, which will play a positive role in stabilizing grain prices and ensuring the planting income in the period of centralized grain sales years ago.



Ethyl acetate: the domestic market of ethyl acetate is optimistic. In the early stage, the main manufacturers stopped their equipment to ease the situation of oversupply in the market, and in the later stage, the main manufacturers digested the inventory of the cargo, and supported part of the increase under the support of the demand side. However, the domestic downstream substantial demand is weak, the decline of raw acetic acid is obvious, and the ethyl acetate Market is not supported well, which is expected to be stable after the rise. The supply of raw ethanol is in short supply in the near future, and we will wait and see if there is any impact of production reduction in some manufacturers.


III. future forecast


Business alcohol analysts predict that in the short term, the domestic ethanol market may be at a high level, and in the long term, it may be weak as supply increases.