Stable operation of n-propanol market recently

I. price trend


According to the data monitoring of the business agency, the recent n-propanol market is dominated by stable operation. As of October 25, the factory quotation of the manufacturers in Nanjing is around 9300-9500 yuan / ton, and the mainstream quotation of the domestic n-propanol traders is around 10100-11500 yuan / ton (the price difference between different packaging specifications is large).


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II. Market analysis


Products: in the near future, the overall trend of the n-propanol market is still stable, with a small number of traders raising their prices. At present, the ex factory price of n-propanol produced by Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., a manufacturer in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is 9500 yuan / ton (bulk water), which is not far from the post Festival price, with a slight increase of 200 yuan / ton. The production area of n-propanol sold by Ningbo Haorui supply chain Co., Ltd., Zibo, Shandong Province, is external. The quotation is still stable, and the ex warehouse quotation is 10500 yuan / ton (including tax barrels); the foreign quotation of Taiwan’s imported n-propanol for Yexing chemical trade in Zhangjiagang is increased compared with that after the national day, and the current foreign quotation is 10600 yuan / ton (including tax barrels), up 500 yuan / ton. All dealers of imported or domestic n-propanol offer different prices, and the actual single negotiation is the main part.



Industry chain: the market price of propylene oxide has dropped recently. At present, the market supply is sufficient, manufacturers are active in shipping mentality, and downstream polyether users are more active in bargain hunting and replenishment. On October 25, the cash delivery price of Shandong mainstream market of Wanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. was 9900 yuan / ton, and that of East China mainstream market was 10200 yuan / ton. At present, the main quotation of propylene oxide Market in East China is around 9900 yuan / ton, which is delivered by cash; the main quotation of propylene oxide Market in Shandong is around 9700 yuan / ton, which is delivered by cash; the main quotation of propylene oxide Market in South China is around 9800 yuan / ton, which is delivered by cash.


III. future forecast


According to the prediction of the business agency, it is expected that the market of n-propanol will be stable in the short term, and the future market will need to wait and see the price change of raw materials and the delivery.