Chlorella vulgaris

Lu bon Industry Co., Ltd specialized in producing the Chlorella vulgaris for several years,  products sell well both at home and abroad.

Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorella) belongs to the promotion of the unicellular green alga, is a spherical unicellular freshwater algae, is one of the earliest life on earth, but also a high efficient photosynthetic plants, in order to photoautotrophic growth and reproduction, distribution is very wide. Is rich in chlorophyll, unicellular green algae, are eukaryotic organisms

Chlorella vulgaris is algae protein is the earliest development, as early as in twentieth Century 60 in the early 1990s, Japan began to factory production. China records of Chlorella ellipsoidea, Chlorella sp. and Chlorella pyrenoidosa 3, they can be cultured. Spirulina, Chlorella not only the high protein content, amino acid composition is reasonable, also contains rich biological active substances, with the role of adjuvant therapy for many diseases.

In many European countries Chlorella vulgaris  have been confirmed to have the efficacy green food. For babies, pregnant women, people of all ages and both sexes completely, is safe, reliable, no side effect is the best nutrition food. Algae is a single cell of spherical algae, live in fresh water, although the individual is very small, but has a great feature, that is amazing vitality and has balanced nutrients

Chlorella vulgaris can be used as radiation After the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, Japan has sent a large number of experts to the Soviet Union during the rescue, the locals provided plenty of Chlorella vulgaris and chlorella food from Japan with the past, to improve by radiation against those of the immune system, leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars

to the Russian people from the doom of death.

Chlorella vulgaris  for strong body several times stronger than spirulina. Have very good effect on heart, liver, kidney, lung, stomach, skin, cold have a fever and other diseases, at least for a month. The ability of Chlorella vulgaris is extremely powerful antiviral drug detoxification, ability is also very strong. As the world recognized health food varieties, most production throughout the world microalgae industry

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