sodium bisulfite

sodium bisulfite

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Product Name :sodium bisulfite

Chemical Name : Sodium hydrogen sulfite

CAS No : 7631-90-5

Details :

Sodium Bisulfite

Alias: Sodium Bisulfite

English Name : Sodium Bisulfite
Molecular Formula: NaHSO3
Molecular Weight: 104.06
Physical and Chemical property : The product is white crystal powder. The relative density is 1.49. It is water soluble, alcohol soluble. The water solution is acid with strong oxident property.
Qualification: HG/T 3814-2006

Item Index
Main Content(counted with SO2) % 64.0-67.0
Water insolubilities ≤ % 0.03
Chlorids(counted with Cl)≤ % 0.05
Iron(Fe)≤ % 0.004
Heavy metal (counted with Pb)≤ % 0.001
Arsenic(As) ≤ % 0.0002
PH value(50g/L solution) 4.0-5.0

Main Use: Used for bleaching of cotton fabrics, dye, paper, leather, chemical synthesis industry as a reducing agent, for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, photographic developer, food bleaching agents, preservatives, antioxidants and other industries.
Package: 25, 50, 1000kg/bag or according to the requirements of customers. Packed with PVC bags and so on.

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