Butanone market in China is soaring

Price Trend


According to the monitoring data of business associations, the domestic butanone market has been increasing rapidly for several days since the beginning of last week (September 2). As of Friday (September 6), according to the comprehensive quotation of several mainstream regions, the overall average price of butanone market is around 7,900 yuan/ton, up about 1,200 yuan/ton from the end of August (August 30). The proportion was 17.82%.

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II. Market Analysis

Products: The quotations of several butanone companies have risen since the end of August. Since September 2, the price has been rising steadily. The price has been soaring all the time. The daily increase is 300-400 yuan/ton. Until September 6, the butanone market is still in a strong upward trend. At present, the supply of factories is tight and the stock is not serious. Full, the overall inventory of traders is very low, sales sentiment is obvious, tight spot makes the market warming up this week, turnover has improved. At present, the market quotation of South China is around 8200-8400 yuan/ton, while that of North China and East China is around 8300 yuan/ton.

Industry chain: The price of upstream raw material liquefied gas has remained stable this week, with some areas rising slightly. At present, the market price of liquefied gas in North China is stable, and the mainstream price is around 3500-3600 yuan/ton. The price of liquefied petroleum gas in eastern China has risen, with the mainstream price between 3400 and 3450 yuan/ton, and the market turnover is normal.

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Industry: According to the price monitoring of business associations, there are 21 kinds of commodities rising in the list of 58 prices on September 5, 2019. They are concentrated in steel plate (5 kinds) and non-ferrous plate (4 kinds). The top three commodities are WTI crude oil (4.30%), eggs (2.73%) and iron ore (Australia) (2.67%). There were 8 kinds of commodities falling in the ring ratio, focusing on non-ferrous (4 kinds in total) and agricultural and sideline (1 kind in total). The first three commodities falling were nickel (-2.07%), coking coal (-1.36%) and soybean meal (-1.16%). On September 5th, the average increase and decrease was 0.28%.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business society data analysts believe that under the serious shortage of spot, the butanone market is expected to be in a stable and strong consolidation state next week.