Refrigerant market is low and hydrofluoric acid price is low

The fluorite price fluctuation is clearly seen from the fluorite price trend chart. According to statistics, the average domestic fluorite price is 3106.25 yuan/ton as of August 12. Since the end of July, the domestic fluorite price trend has declined. According to statistics, the recent domestic price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Inner Mongolia is 2800-3100 yuan/ton, and that of 97 fluorite wet powder in Fujian is 290. The price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Henan is 2900-3200 yuan/ton, and that of 97 fluorite wet powder in Jiangxi is 2900-3300 yuan/ton.

Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

Recent fluctuations in domestic fluorite prices. Firstly, the national environmental protection inspection, fluorite start-up rate is general. In 2019, domestic mines and flotation plants were partially shut down, which made the spot supply of fluorite normal. Some of the holders still have a strong price intention. Domestic fluorite price quotations have not changed much, but the actual turnover in the field is somewhat higher than before. Slide downward. Secondly, the refrigerant industry has been depressed recently. For the upstream demand is poor, the price of fluorite can not support the decline. The price of hydrofluoric acid and refrigerant in the downstream has been lower recently, which has a negative impact on the domestic fluorite market, and the domestic price of fluorite has been lower. In the near future, the hydrofluoric acid Market and refrigerant industry have no obvious positive support, and fluorite prices are expected to continue to decline slightly in the later period.

The market price of hydrofluoric acid has a downward trend.



The average price of domestic hydrofluoric acid market was 11 430 yuan/ton on the 12th day. Recently, the price of domestic hydrofluoric acid market has been slightly lower. The mainstream of domestic negotiations on hydrofluoric acid in Fujian is 10 500-11 500 yuan/ton, the price of hydrofluoric acid in Shandong is 10 500-11 500 yuan/ton, the price of hydrofluoric acid in Jiangxi is 11 000-11 500 yuan/ton, and the price of hydrofluoric acid in Inner Mongolia is 10 500-11 500 yuan/ton. Negotiations in the 10 500-11 000 yuan/ton or so, hydrofluoric acid market supply is sufficient, market prices slightly lower.


In recent years, the domestic hydrofluoric acid start-up rate is more than 60%. Enterprises reflect that there is sufficient supply of hydrofluoric acid spot supply in the field. In recent years, the situation of on-site purchases is general. In recent years, due to poor downstream demand, some hydrofluoric acid manufacturers’prices have slightly declined. Recent downstream refrigerant products start at a low level, the upstream fluorite and hydrofluoric acid demand is poor, the recent downstream refrigerant trading market is general, hydrofluoric acid products price shocks. Recent downstream refrigerant market trading market is general, domestic refrigerant R22 market shocks down, from the market supply point of view, the production enterprise device is stable, but the pressure of goods is too high, inventory expansion appears to a certain extent, the enterprise aims to make profits to deliver goods. The downstream weakness continues, the peak season of refrigerants has passed, and demand has only decreased but not increased. The price of domestic large enterprises has maintained the level of 17,000-18,000 yuan/ton. Domestic market price trend of R134a shocks, production enterprises equipment start-up rate remains low, refrigerant market demand is general, manufacturers mainly export. However, the price of on-site transactions does not change much. Businessmen purchase on demand. At the end of the peak season, the downstream demand of terminals decreases but does not increase. The downstream demand is not good, and the price trend of hydrofluoric acid market is low. Recently, due to the common negative effect of fluorite and refrigerant industry, the market price of hydrofluoric acid is expected to continue to decline in the later period.