Malaysia: Natural rubber production fell 16.2% in March 2019.

According to the Malaysian Bureau of Statistics released on May 13, Malaysia’s natural rubber production in March 2019 was 49465 tons, an increase of 6.6% over the same period last year, and a decrease of 16.2% over 59017 tons in February.

Data show that Malaysia’s Tianguo exports in March rose 29.6% to 53265 tons from 41102 tons in February. The main export destinations were China, accounting for 43.2% of the total exports, followed by Germany (12.0%), Finland (7.8%), the United States (4.8%) and Turkey (4.0%).

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Malaysia’s Tianguo inventory at the end of March was 21792 tons, down 6.0% from 214771 tons at the end of February, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

The average price of concentrated latex in March was 474.19 centimeters/kg, up 15.5% from February, while that of Malaysian standard rubber SMR20 was 592.62 centimeters/kg, up 6.2% from February.

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Malaysia’s domestic consumption of natural rubber in March was 43,770 tons, up 9.1% from 40,121 tons in February. The rubber glove industry is the main consumer, with a monthly consumption of 32,848 tons, accounting for 75.0% of the total consumption.