Potassium Sulphate Market Improves and Difficult to Rise Later

Potassium sulphate was not expected because of the excessive carry-over stock in 2018. It did not appear in the spring market until mid-April. From the price performance, only that part of the market rose by 100-150 yuan, while most of the market prices barely maintained stability or even fell a lot, but the current market of potassium sulphate has indeed improved, water and salt bodies. The low price of the Department has not continued to fall, Mannheim’s inventory pressure has generally eased, and individual supplies have been tightened.


Unfortunately, it is still very difficult for potassium sulphate to drive the whole in part. On the one hand, although the price of water-salt system does not continue to decline, it has not yet recovered for the time being, and the price difference between water-salt system and Mannheim potassium sulfate is far greater than the normal level in the past; on the other hand, although the inventory pressure has eased, the overall supply is still relatively large, after a partial rise, the surrounding supply will be found, that is to say, there is no general and obvious shortage of supply and demand at present; Third, the fall in the price of potassium chloride has also made the price of potassium sulfate rise somewhat unjustifiable.

In summary, whether it is fluctuating potassium chloride or potassium sulfate, in some chaotic market situation, its price has not changed much, but is relatively stable.


At present, the long-term trend of potassium chloride and potassium sulfate is not very clear, but it is not expected that the temporary relative stability will last too long. In the short term (May and June), the price of potassium chloride will go downward while the price of potassium sulfate may rise. In the long run (the second half of the year), there is still the possibility of reversal. Potassium fertilizer market in 2019 is bound to be a very tangled year.

In the potassium sulfate market, with the rebound of low prices and the fall of high prices, the price of potassium sulfate in the whole country has been relatively concentrated. With the rapid summer overhaul of Rok and the start of tobacco bidding soon, the price of potassium sulfate in the water salt system is expected to rise to a reasonable level. If it is supplemented by good export, the overall price of potassium sulfate may rise further, even be separated from chlorination. Potassium has come out of a good independent market. However, there is a premise that there is a basic guarantee for the late market demand, and the decline of potassium chloride will not be too bad.

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