Potassium Sulfate Market Trends Steady

The price of potassium sulphate water salt is relatively low, Mannheim is stable and high; the current 50% water salt powder market trade transaction mainstream 2600-2650 yuan/ton, Mannheim 50% Fanjilu mainstream factory price 2750-2800 yuan/ton, the actual transaction is a single agreement. Resource-based national investment in potassium 52% of the regional trade out of the warehouse about 2850 yuan/ton, the overall supply is sufficient, the mindset of the business is stable.


The overall trend of domestic potassium sulphate market is relatively stable, the production of Luo Potassium plant is normal, and there is no specific time schedule for summer overhaul plan. At present, the official quotation is stable. The market price is more than 2800 yuan/ton, and there is no new adjustment.

Mannheim potassium sulphate plant is still operating at more than 50% and shipments in the northern region are slightly better than those in the south. Therefore, some northern manufacturers have raised their quotations slightly, ranging from 50 yuan/ton to 2 750-2 850 yuan/ton for 50% of the milled powder and from 2 900 to 3 000 yuan/ton for 52% of the milled powder. Actual transactions are mainly based on orders and orders.

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)