Decline in domestic consumption prompted Pakistan to limit fuel oil imports

According to Platts News in Singapore on January 2, Pakistan’s fuel oil imports have come into effect immediately due to increasing imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and closure of several oil-fired power plants, resulting in a drop in domestic fuel oil consumption limit.

An official from Pakistan’s Department of Energy said Pakistan has also set up a new energy commission headed by a power minister to approve future fuel oil imports, monitor fuel oil production at domestic refineries, demand from the power sector, and oil marketing companies’ in stock.

This decision was made at a meeting held in Islamabad on December 28 last year. Pakistani Prime Minister Abbas, electricity minister and officials from oil refineries, oil marketing companies and the Department of Energy attended the meeting.

The official said at the meeting, participants made an immediate decision to limit the import of fuel oil. Pakistan will receive only 4 shipments of fuel oil this year, a long time ago by Pakistan’s national oil company.

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