Talk chemical transport careen from “deadly Express”

“Killer Express” event occurred just died and nine injuries caused by a sad tragedy, illegal courier fluoride acetate chemical companies outrage. However, only a sad anger clearly does not help. The author believes that “killer Express” is not only reflected in the lack of corporate self-regulation, supervision transportation of hazardous chemicals, also to some extent reflects the difficult to transport chemicals careen through legal means reality. Establish a scientific and standardized careen chemical transport system, create a reasonable careen chemical transport channels, in order to prevent such a tragedy from the root.

Initiator “deadly Express” event is undoubtedly arising from either of the enterprises, but also fully demonstrates the importance of chemical enterprises to strengthen self-discipline. Just think, if the courier company to conduct business in strict accordance with relevant laws, regulations and norms, if someone’s chemical enterprises in strict accordance with the transportation of hazardous chemicals in circulation requirements, nor to the class for this event. Self-regulation is not in place, then sooner or later, and the accident is inevitable. The Jingmen someone’s Bear Xing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a living case.

Xiong Xing Chemical conceal sent items, tact Express-trial examination and strict, is “deadly Express” an important reason. It also exposed management problems regulators. Government including courier companies, including normalization of logistics enterprises must keep checking with regulators.

But now our country seems to be caught in the safety supervision of a vicious circle: together after a major security incidents, and will definitely surprise launch a nationwide inspection. “Killer Express” event is no exception, the State Post Bureau has issued a document on postal and courier companies are being raided. But the problem is that one or two raids palliatives. The usual normalization checking how, and how to keep up with the daily supervision, preventive measures is fundamental.

According to reports, someone’s chemical companies in a similar way by courier to send samples have more than 20 times, more than tact a courier company. This shows that the chemical careen through courier mail is a common phenomenon, previously exist, and they will not soon be eliminated.

Seen in this light, under the conditions of market economy alone “blocking” obviously difficult work, “sparse” to cure.

It was more than once to the author reflects, careen chemicals due to the volume of business is too small, it is difficult to get regular transportation of hazardous chemicals firms. According to my understanding, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, universities and other laboratories, has careen chemicals mailing needs, and most choose to express the way.

I believe that regulate careen chemical transport, to facilitate transportation of hazardous chemicals, careen, can really play, “sparse” role. Ordinary courier companies do not have the transportation of hazardous chemicals qualifications, the competent authorities to deal with the logistics business of the company passed the qualification careen chemicals, testing methods, transport equipment, business processes, security measures, and the factual aspects of the operation made more stringent norms constraints established norms of minor chemical transport green channel, in order to meet the flow of chemicals careen practical needs.