On March 27th, the price of isooctanol in Shandong fell by 6.13%

Product name: Isooctanol


Latest price (March 27th): 9575.00/ton


On March 27th, the market price of isooctanol in Shandong Province dropped significantly, with a price drop of 625 yuan/ton compared to March 26th, a decrease of 6.13% and a year-on-year decrease of 1.14%. Upstream propylene prices have dropped significantly, with insufficient cost support. The downstream plasticizer market has experienced a significant decline, and downstream demand has weakened. Manufacturers are operating at a high level, lowering prices to attract orders.


Recently, the market price of isooctanol in Shandong region may experience a slight fluctuation and decline, with an average market price of around 9300 yuan/ton.