Polyester staple fiber prices are temporarily stable

According to the commodity market analysis system of the business community, the price of domestic polyester staple fiber market was temporarily stable this week (5.22-5.26). As of May 26, the average ex factory price was 7485 yuan/ton, unchanged from the beginning of the week. At present, some factories for polyester staple fibers are facing tight shipments, and processing fees continue to be repaired. The cost side PTA has rebounded, but the demand is still insufficient.


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

After late May in the PX market, with the restart of some domestic devices and an increase in domestic PTA device maintenance, PX supply has eased and prices have also eased. However, the PTA device was shut down for maintenance as planned, and the PTA operating rate dropped to around 74%. The temporary shutdown to support the PTA price stopped falling, with an increase of 0.66% this week.


Driven by the sentiment of buying up rather than buying down, the operating rate of downstream yarn factories has slightly improved, replenishing inventory as needed, and producing regular variety orders on the machine. Raw material procurement is mainly short and small orders. Overall, there is currently a lack of follow-up on orders from terminal textile enterprises, with significant fluctuations in raw material prices, and a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in some parts, resulting in a slowdown in yarn factory sales.


Analysts from Business Society believe that there have been more recent PTA inspections, improved supply and demand margins, phased market destocking, and enhanced cost support. Downstream demand procurement is the main focus, with a strong wait-and-see attitude, and the price of polyester staple fibers is mainly stagnant towards the end of the month.