In the first and middle of March, the market of polyaluminum chloride fluctuated slightly and fell

Data monitoring shows that the polyaluminum chloride commodity index on March 20 was 101.49, unchanged from yesterday, down 28.85% from the cycle’s highest point of 142.64 (2021-11-01), and up 20.36% from the lowest point of 84.32 on August 18, 2020. (Note: The cycle refers to 2019-04-01 to now)


Chitosan oligosaccharide

According to the monitoring data of the Business News Agency, the market price of solid (industrial grade, content ≥ 28%) polyaluminum chloride in China fell sharply in the first half of March, with a decrease of about 2.47%. On the first day, the market reported 1925 yuan/ton, and on the 20th, 1877.5 yuan/ton. Currently, water treatment enterprises in China’s main production areas have normal production, abundant inventory, weak demand for downstream purchase orders, insufficient support for domestic polyaluminum chloride, and weak market conditions.


Raw hydrochloric acid: According to the monitoring data of the Business Society, the domestic market price of hydrochloric acid has increased from 166 yuan/ton on the 1st to 198 yuan/ton on the 20th, an increase of 19.28%. The upstream liquid chlorine market has consolidated at a high level, with good cost support. The downstream polyaluminum chloride and ammonium chloride markets have declined slightly, and the downstream purchasing willingness is generally low. The analysis shows that hydrochloric acid is mainly characterized by insufficient support and small fluctuations in recent years.


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

Liquefied natural gas for production. According to the data from the Business News Agency, since March, domestic liquefied natural gas has experienced a significant fluctuation and declined: on March 1st, it was mainly reported at 6036 yuan/ton, and on March 20th, it was mainly reported at 4412 yuan/ton, a significant decrease of 26.91%; The market demand is sluggish, the situation of oversupply is increasing, and liquid plants have a strong attitude towards inventory discharge. In addition to the reduction in the price of feed gas, the price of liquefied natural gas continues to decline. It is expected that in the short term, domestic LNG prices will be mainly consolidated and operated in a narrow range.


Future forecast: The market for raw materials has been reduced due to fluctuations, and polyaluminum chloride manufacturers have sufficient inventory. Downstream demand continues to be weak, with excessive supply and insufficient demand. It is expected that the recent market for polyaluminum chloride will continue to be weak.