PTA prices rose slightly

According to the price monitoring of business club, the current price of domestic PTA rose slightly today (September 23). The average price in the spot market was 4966 yuan / ton, with a single day increase of 1.08% and a year-on-year increase of 45.89%. The main futures 2201 closed at 5000 and settled at 4950, an increase of 134 or 2.75%.

In terms of supply, with the overhaul of Hengli petrochemical 2#2.2 million tons, Yangzi Petrochemical 2#65 million tons and Baihong 1.25 million tons PTA plant, the load of 3.3 million tons PTA plant of Yisheng new material decreased. At the same time, the supply of Hengli petrochemical, the supplier, decreased by 30% in October, which supported the PTA price. In addition, the raw material end also has a certain boost. On September 22, the international oil price rose. The settlement price of the main contract of WTI crude oil futures in the United States was US $72.23/barrel, an increase of US $1.74 or 2.5%, and the settlement price of Brent crude oil futures was US $76.19/barrel, an increase of US $1.83 or 2.5%. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) released positive crude oil inventory data on Wednesday, which showed that US crude oil inventory fell to the lowest level in three years.

However, the production of downstream polyester and weaving factories is reduced, mainly promoted by mainstream factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and the quotation discount ranges from 100-300 yuan / month. The textile terminal industry was affected by the power restriction of weaving enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the “double reduction and double control” of printing and dyeing plants and the lack of quality of “golden nine silver ten”, and the operating load of looms decreased rapidly to 59.24%. In terms of export, the continuous rise of sea freight, the lengthening of transportation turnover time and the increase of logistics costs continue to put pressure on textile and garment export orders.

Xia Ting, an analyst at the business agency, believes that the current crude oil cost support is acceptable, there are more maintenance of PTA units, and there is no pressure on the supply side; However, in terms of demand, it is mainly cautious to observe the market, and the overall transaction is weak. Therefore, it is expected that the short-term PTA price will maintain a narrow rise.