Raw material costs fall, DOP prices fall

DOP price trend

According to the data monitoring of the business association, this week, the old cost of DOP fell, and the price of DOP fell sharply. As of June 21, the DOP price was 12800.00 yuan / ton, down 4.71% from 13433.33 yuan / ton on June 1 last week. DOP prices fell sharply this week.

Raw material prices fall

It can be seen from the octanol price trend chart that octanol price hit the top and fell this week, DOP cost fell, DOP price fell, DOP price rose powerlessly and downward pressure increased.

PVC market falls in off season

According to the monitoring data from the business community, the PVC market continued to weaken in June, with more centralized maintenance of PVC enterprises. The decline of PVC production and the indifferent demand for PVC contributed to the tepid pvc6 in June, the tepid demand for DOP, the insufficient support for the rise of DOP, and the greater downward pressure on DOP in the future.

Market summary and future expectation

Bai Jiaxin, DOP data analyst of business news agency, believes that this week, octanol prices fell, DOP costs fell and DOP prices fell; On the demand side, PVC enterprises have more centralized maintenance, DOP demand is cold, and DOP rising space is limited. Generally speaking, the cost of DOP is decreasing, the downstream demand is cold, and the downward pressure of DOP is increasing. It is expected that the price of DOP will drop sharply in the future.