Tight supply and rising price of acetic acid

According to the monitoring data of the business community, as of April 26, the average ex factory price of acetic acid in East China was 7595.00 yuan / ton, up 22.30% in April. In April, the price of acetic acid rose widely since the Qingming Festival. During the month, some acetic acid plants were shut down for maintenance, and the enterprises were short of inventory. The downstream demand remained strong, the spot supply on the floor continued to be tight, and the quotation of acetic acid went up at a high level. As of April 26, the market price of acetic acid in China is as follows:

region date offer

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Shandong Province April 26th 7500-7750 yuan / ton

Jiangsu Province April 26th 7600-7900 yuan / ton

Zhejiang Province April 26th 7700-7900 yuan / ton

Hebei Province April 26th 7500 yuan / ton

Northwest China April 26th 7750 yuan / ton

South China April 26th 7900-8000 yuan / ton

North China April 26th 7330-7800 yuan / ton

The domestic acetic acid market is strong and upward. After the shutdown and restart of acetic acid plants of individual enterprises within the month, the market supply is still in a tight state. At present, Nanjing Bibi acetic acid plant has resumed production, but the market supply situation has not improved much. On the one hand, Henan Shunda acetic acid plant has failed to restart, and Jiangsu Sopu acetic acid plant has stopped unexpectedly, so the short-term supply gap is difficult to make up, In short supply, acetic acid market was pushed up channel.

The domestic methanol market continued to rise, the inventory of the mainland and ports decreased, and some olefins were imported to support the state of mind. The futures market went up, which was good for the domestic spot market. As of April 26, the price of Shandong area was about 2525.00 yuan / ton. At present, on-site shippers are reluctant to sell at low prices, while the downstream just needs to purchase. The market turnover is weak, and the methanol market is mainly in consolidation.

As of the 26th, the factory price of acetic anhydride was 11333.33 yuan / ton, up 21.21% in April. Mainly due to the upstream market trend and the tight supply of raw materials, the acetic acid price continued to rise in April, and the cost of raw materials rose, which pushed the acetic anhydride price up.

In terms of acetate, the domestic price of ethyl acetate rose sharply. As of the 26th, the average ex factory price of ethyl acetate in East China was 9562.50 yuan / ton, up 11.19% in April. The upstream acetic acid market continued to rise, the spot supply of raw material n-butanol market was tight, and the goods were ready before May Day. The mentality of the industry was bullish. Under the favorable conditions of supply and demand, the market trend of ethyl acetate continued to be strong. The price of raw materials is strong. The quotation of butyl acetate manufacturers keeps up with the trend. The lower reaches do not accept the high price and purchase on demand. The supply of raw material acetic acid market is tight, which supports the future market of downstream acetic acid.

According to acetic acid analysts of business news agency, the domestic acetic acid market is in short supply, the operating rate of acetic acid on site is low, some acetic acid plants of individual enterprises fail to operate normally, the market supply is difficult to recover in a short time, and the downstream demand is strong. It is expected that the acetic acid market will continue to operate at a high level, and the long-term trend needs to pay attention to the starting situation of acetic acid plants.

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