All parties hold a cautious wait-and-see attitude, and the price of spandex runs smoothly in the short term

According to the price monitoring of the business society, the domestic spandex market in April was stable at a high level, and the overall quotation of the factory changed little. The average price of the current 40d specification was 67600 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with the beginning of the month, with a year-on-year increase of 104.23%. Spandex industry started around 90%, high-level operation.

Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

Current mainstream price statistics of spandex market (unit: yuan / ton)

20D 30D 40D

Zhejiang 83000-85000 73000-75000 64000-67000

Shandong 83000-86000 74000-76000 63000-66000

Fujian 83000-86000 74000-76000 64000-68000

Jiangsu Province 83000-85000 73000-75000 63000-66000

The pure MDI market of raw materials is weak, and the overall negotiation atmosphere is not good. Most traders follow the market and purchase small orders from downstream. Local market negotiation in 22000-22500 yuan / ton telegraphic transfer barreled pick-up. The PTMEG market is in a narrow range, the BDO on the cost side is declining obviously, and the bearish sentiment is enhanced. At present, the mainstream factories of 1800 molecular weight supply offer around 43000 yuan / ton, and the actual order negotiation can refer to 42000-43000 yuan / ton. 80% of the PTMEG industry started. Specifically, Jiaxing Xiaoxing has 135000 tons of equipment for maintenance, and 80% of a set of equipment. The operation load of the 60000 ton plant in Panjin Changchun is not high.

Changes of domestic PTMEG manufacturers

Enterprise name Production capacity (10000 tons / year) remarks

Jiaxing Xiaoxing thirteen point five One device maintenance, one set of device 80%

Hangzhou Sanlong six The device has been restarted

Yizheng Dalian four Long term parking

Panjin Changchun six The operation load is not high

The follow-up of downstream terminal market demand is a little slow, purchasing on demand, cautious view of the market. At present, about 55-60% of the circular knitting machines are started, while 70% of the warp knitting machines are started, which is basically stable. Recently, the sales of summer fashion fabrics in the traditional Chinese Textile City market have been smooth in some parts, and the local transactions of nylon / polyester, nylon / cotton, cotton / nylon and spandex elastic, nylon / cotton elastic and cotton / nylon elastic fabrics are relatively active.

From the industry point of view, according to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, in March, the added value of the textile industry increased by 7.5% year-on-year; From January to March, the added value of textile industry increased by 22.5% year on year. In March, 3.4 billion meters of cloth were planted, a year-on-year increase of 5.5%; From January to March, 8.3 billion meters of cloth were planted, with a year-on-year increase of 12.5%. In March, 5.97 million tons of chemical fiber, an increase of 20.7% year on year; From January to March, chemical fiber was 15.8 million tons, up 27.1% year on year.

At present, the market trend of spandex has little change, the supporting role of the cost side is general, and the enthusiasm of downstream end customers to take goods is not high. In addition to the shortage of supply in the early stage, the transaction of coarse denier yarn can be negotiated. Business analysts expect that all parties will be cautious and wait-and-see in the future, and the price of spandex will still run smoothly in the short term.