Copper price fell 0.08% on February 25

1、 Trend analysis


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As shown in the figure above, today’s domestic copper price fell slightly, offering 45518.33 yuan / ton, up 0.08% from the previous day, down 8.81% year on year. Shanghai copper main contract rebounded after a correction of 45670 yuan today, closing at 45950 yuan, up 0.15%.


2、 Market analysis


Recent copper price low volatility. Today, the spot copper price continued to fall, traders trading cold, downstream consumption is still weak, the overall market turnover is not ideal. The most direct and important impact of the epidemic on the fundamentals of electrolytic copper is the delay in resumption of work, which is more than 10 days later for most enterprises. The postponement of resumption has limited impact on smelting enterprises, but has a greater impact on downstream copper processing enterprises.


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About 42% of the enterprises in the lower reaches of copper recovered to 60% – 90% of the normal production level, about 27% to 30% – 60% of the normal production level, and about 26% to 0-30% of the normal production level. In addition, due to the slow recovery of downstream copper enterprises, the cumulative range and time rate of domestic refined copper inventory exceeded expectations.


3、 Future prospects


According to the above situation, copper analysts of non ferrous branch of business society think that the epidemic has hindered the rebound of copper price, and the whole industry chain is worried, from miners to equipment providers. However, with the control of the epidemic situation, the downstream gradually returned to work, and supported by the reduction of production or maintenance of copper smelters, the short-term copper price shocks are relatively strong.

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