Weak operation of nitric acid

1、 Price trend chart of nitric acid Market

Nitric acid price curve


ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

(photo source: Commodity analysis system of Business Club)


According to the monitoring of business agency, the average price of nitric acid in East China on January 13 was 1583 yuan / ton, down 1.04% from last week.


2、 Market analysis


Products: the price of concentrated nitric acid is stable temporarily, that of Jiangsu Hongze Yinzhu Chemical Co., Ltd. is 1500 yuan / ton, the price is stable; that of Anhui Jinhe is 1450 yuan / ton, the price is 50 yuan / ton lower than last time; that of Shandong helitai concentrated nitric acid is 1800 yuan / ton, the price is stable temporarily. Wenshui Synthetic Chemical Co., Ltd. offers 1750 yuan / ton, the offer is temporarily stable; Huainan Audley chemical concentrated nitric acid offers 1500 yuan / ton, the offer is temporarily stable; nitric acid demand is weak, the enterprise offer is weak.


Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

Industrial chain: liquid ammonia, the raw material in the upstream of nitric acid, some manufacturers in Shandong Province had loose supply last week, and the enterprise’s shipping pressure increased gradually. However, the manufacturers with large ammonia volume mainly stabilized their prices, and they have been shipping in succession. The main quotation in Shandong Province is 2850-2950 yuan / ton. Last week, the price of aniline in Shandong Province was reduced by 100 yuan / ton, while the market price of aniline in Shandong Province was 6200 yuan / ton last Friday, down 1.59% from 6300 yuan / ton last Friday.


3、 Future forecast


The nitric acid analysts of the business association predict that the nitric acid market may continue to be dominated by weak operation.

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