PA66 market is stable (12.1-12.06)

I. price trend


According to the data of the bulk list of business agencies, the domestic market price of PA66 in early December was stable, and the market maintained a weak and stable trend. As of December 6, the average price of the mainstream offer of PA66 is about 23100.00 yuan / ton, which is the same as the average price at the beginning of the month.


Analysis of influencing factors:


ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

At the beginning of this month, domestic adipic acid continued to adjust its weak market. Under the background of loose supply and weak demand, the absence of cost support made the adipic acid Market worse. At present, the weakness of adipic acid has lasted for three months. Last month, the downstream demand for adipic acid became weaker. In addition, the steady increase of supply led to the increase of social inventory pressure, the high inventory of enterprises, and the effect of destocking was not obvious, resulting in a step-by-step decline in price. In the near future, the weak market in East China and South China has been mainly adjusted, with the decline narrowed compared with that in October. The market atmosphere is a little cold, dealers actively let profits go single, the market remains weak and volatile. At present, the downstream market has a heavy wait-and-see mentality, and there is resistance to deal. In addition, the port inventory of raw material end pure benzene this week is lower than that of last week, and the domestic spot supply of pure benzene is tight. Domestic pure benzene market negotiation atmosphere is good, driving the price up slightly. The high external price supports the price of pure benzene, and the pure benzene enterprises have raised their expectations. However, the effect of small increase is not ideal, and the support for adipic acid is slightly insufficient. It is estimated that adipic acid will not get out of the haze in a short time before this year; in early December, PA66 market has abundant spot supply, and downstream factories generally make inquiries, maintaining just in need of replenishment, while buying gas is light. The weak mentality of the industry has not changed, and most orders are flexible.


Future forecast:


Business analysts believe that: in early December, the domestic PA66 market adjusted steadily. The adipic acid in the upstream continued to weaken, with narrow adjustment and poor support for PA66 cost side. There is no improvement in the enthusiasm of downstream stock up, and the strategy of just need to take the goods as the main strategy. The market buying is light, the industry is still bearish, and the operation is limited. It is expected that PA66 disk will continue to run smoothly in the near future.

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