Silicone market fell – 13.49% after the festival, reaching the bottom and waiting to rise

I. price trend

According to the monitoring data of the business association, by October 16, the average price of organosilicon DMC was about 17266 yuan / ton, down by – 13.49% compared with October 8, the first day after the festival. At present, the market price of organosilicon DMC is about 17000-18000 yuan / ton.


II. Market analysis

Products: after the national day, the silicone market set off waves. On the first day after the festival, on October 8, the silicone market ran smoothly. On October 9, with the increase of inquiry volume, the price fell rapidly. After the festival, the price dropped sharply, with the highest down quotation of 2000 yuan / ton. The situation of goods cleaning appeared. The organic silicon products of monomer enterprises are directly close to the cost price to receive orders. The transaction price of organic silicon DMC is as low as 16500 yuan / ton (cash delivery). The sharp drop in price has led to a positive mentality of downstream stock up, which has aroused the enthusiasm of most downstream enterprises for rush purchase. Most monomer enterprises have obtained the first large order after the festival. On October 10, a small number of factories began to call back the quotation, and the quotation was increased by 200-300 yuan / ton. Due to the increase of the order quantity, the big monomer factories had a clear attitude of looking forward to the increase. The monomer factories announced that they began to arrange the production one after another, and the later order price was expected to rise back. On October 14, the price of the mechanical silicon DMC products of most monomer factories was still stable, and the price increase was not obvious. On October 16, there was an economic report. The latest quotation of the seller is lowered again. Up to now, the silicone market as a whole is still at the bottom to be increased.


Industry chain: after the national day, the price of raw rubber, 107 rubber and silicone oil of downstream products of silicone DMC fluctuated with the fluctuation of the overall silicone market. In the early stage of the festival, affected by the overall decline of the silicone market, the transaction price of raw rubber was as low as around 17200 yuan / ton (delivered by spot exchange), and silicone oil made a large profit synchronously. The offer of 107 rubber brand enterprises was as low as 17500-18500 yuan / ton (delivered by spot exchange). To), the low price promotes the purchase enthusiasm of most terminal downstream enterprises, and each single enterprise increases the intention order. In the next few days, with the price of organosilicon DMC rising, the price of downstream products also fell back. At present, DMC, 107 rubber, raw rubber, silicone oil, etc. are in a continuous rising trend.

III. future forecast

Business analysts believe that: it is expected that in late October, the organosilicon DMC may usher in a pick-up.

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