Epichlorohydrin market turbulence up 7 days by more than 4%.

I. The price trend of epichlorohydrin:


According to the data of business associations, the market of epichlorohydrin has been on the rise recently. Last Wednesday (Sept. 4) the average price of enterprises was 1 2166.67 yuan per ton, and on Sept. 10 the average price of enterprises was 12 666.67 yuan per ton. Epichlorohydrin rose by 4.11% in seven days.

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II. Market analysis:

Products: Recently, the market of epichlorohydrin has been on the rise. The mainstream quotation of epichlorohydrin on the 4th was about 12,000-12,500 yuan/ton. There was no pressure on the manufacturers to deliver goods. The mood of pull-up remained unchanged. The atmosphere of caution and wait-and-see in downstream and terminal became more serious. When the demand for replenishment was low, the volume was limited. The price of epichlorohydrin rose on the 6th, with an average price of 12,500 yuan per ton. The downstream was cautious about high-priced raw materials, with insufficient purchasing intentions and weak trading atmosphere. The average price of epichlorohydrin was 12333.33 yuan/ton on the 9th day. Some manufacturers closed the market without quotation. Traders’foreign quotations mostly followed the manufacturers’ quotations. Mid-Autumn Festival holidays are approaching, downstream inventory expectations, the willingness of the holders to buy at low prices has decreased, confidence in the future has increased, 10 mainstream quotation of epichlorohydrin in 13,000 yuan / ton.

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Industry chain: Up-stream propylene market in Shandong Province has occasionally made up for the decline as of the 10th. The price of propylene enterprises in Shandong Province increased by 50-100 yuan/ton on September 1, and increased by about 50-100 yuan/ton on September 2, while only a few enterprises increased on September 3-5, remained stable on June 8, slightly declined by about 50 yuan/ton on September 9, and remained stable on September 10, except for individual enterprises. At present, the market turnover is about 7600-7750 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price is about 7600 yuan/ton. 。 Up to 10 days, downstream epoxy resin with rising raw materials, the focus of discussion increased.

3. Future market forecast:

Analysts of business association epichlorohydrin think that the upstream propylene market slightly declined and had little impact on epichlorohydrin. The price of downstream epoxy resin is rising, which is good for epichlorohydrin. With the approaching of the two sections, the downstream factories are expected to stock up periodically, but there is still some resistance to high-priced raw materials. Actual procurement is cautious. However, under the strong support of tight prices, only passive follow-up can be achieved. It is expected that the short-term epichlorohydrin market will be mainly higher.