Narrow volatility of domestic methanol market in China

Price Trend

According to the price monitoring of business associations, as of July 11, the average price of domestic methanol market was 2144 yuan/ton, and the domestic methanol market had a narrow fluctuation.


II. Market Analysis

Products: Northwest methanol market is stable. In Inner Mongolia, the shipment of manufacturer is still acceptable. Some manufacturer stop selling, and the inventory of manufacturer keeps low and medium level. At present, the mainstream price in Guanzhong area is 1880-1930 yuan/ton. The overall shipment this week is general. Most orders have not been issued due to the lack of transport vehicles. With the decline of futures and weak downstream demand, most traders are not optimistic about the recent market. North China’s methanol market is generally trading, Shandong Province is mainly stable, enterprise ex-factory prices fall by about 20 yuan/ton, factory shipments are general, market demand is weak; Shanxi Linfen region has a low inventory of enterprises, enterprise ex-factory prices rise by 20-30 yuan/ton, mainly affected by yesterday’s bidding, Jincheng region by the price decline in surrounding areas but small. The area of Hebei is stable, with some ports in Tianjin. The methanol market in South China was weak, and futures were consolidated horizontally. The spot market in South China is not well supported. Spot prices have fallen. The offer price has reached 2 260 yuan/ton. A small amount of offers in some reservoirs are as low as 2 250 yuan/ton. There are not many inquiries in the venue and the atmosphere of business is general.


Industry chain: formaldehyde: formaldehyde market is running steadily. The offer of each enterprise is temporarily stable, the market starts at a low level, the overall market delivery is not smooth, the inventory is still under control, but there is still some pressure, the downstream market demand is weak, the overall turnover is general. Dimethyl ether: Dimethyl ether shows a trend of regionalization, with different ups and downs in the north and south. Yesterday, Yima Kaixiang fell to a single set of production, coupled with a slight increase in liquefied gas, boosted the price of dimethyl ether in the northern market. The price of dimethyl ether in Hebei, Henan and Hubei increased by 20-50 yuan/ton to 3030-3210 yuan/ton. The enthusiasm of terminal entry into the market was good, and the production enterprises had a balanced production and sales. Southwest China continued its downturn, with mainstream transactions falling to 3000-3100 yuan/ton. Demand in the off-season was sluggish, and manufacturers were under greater pressure to buy goods. Acetic acid: The domestic market of acetic acid in East China and North China continues to be weak. Due to transportation constraints in Northwest China, production enterprises continue to concede profits and deliver goods, which promotes the transaction in North China to decline. The downstream of the decline mainly focuses on acetic acid wait-and-see, and the market is obviously weak. East China mainstream is still tense, only part of North China’s supply price is slightly lower, the market is stable and weakening. Overall, in addition to the stable market in South China, the acetic acid market is still weak.

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3. Future Market Forecast

Business Cooperative Perspective: Business Cooperative Methanol Analysts predict that the short-term domestic methanol market or maintain a weak pattern.