The trend of sulphur price declined on 9 July

According to the data of business associations, the domestic sulphur market declined on July 9, with the average ex-factory price of sulphur market in East China falling by 2.08% to 943.33 yuan/ton.

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II. Market Analysis

Products: Domestic sulphur market price has been lowered, solid and liquid sulphur in East China of Sinopec has been lowered by 60 yuan/ton, solid sulphur quotation in Shandong has been stable, liquid sulphur has been lowered by 50 yuan/ton, the decline is obvious. At present, the domestic mainstream quotation of solid sulfur is around 770-1000 yuan/ton, and liquid sulfur is around 740-890 yuan/ton.

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Industry chain: Weak sorting of sulphur market has a positive impact on the downstream sulphuric acid market. The market demand has warmed up slightly and the price has increased.

III. Price Forecast

According to business associations, the domestic sulphur market is weak in the short term.