Hydrogen peroxide continued to fall sharply on 9 July

According to the monitoring of business associations, the market of hydrogen peroxide continued to fall sharply on July 9. The average price of domestic 27.5% hydrogen peroxide was 850 yuan/ton, a daily decline of 3.41%.


In July, the hot weather, terminal caprolactam manufacturers, papermaking industry purchasing hydrogen peroxide decreased, the demand is not good. The price of hydrogen peroxide in Shandong, Hebei, Anhui and other hydrogen peroxide manufacturers has declined. Shandong Luxi’s quotation fell to 770 yuan/ton, Haineng to 950 yuan/ton, and the price fell by 40-70 yuan/ton. Hebei Zhengyuan’s quotation was lowered to 830 yuan/ton, and the price fell by 100 yuan/ton. Anhui mainstream quotation fell to 1050 yuan/ton, the market is weak and stable.

Li Bing, an analyst of hydrogen peroxide in business associations, believes that the traditional consumption of hydrogen peroxide is off-season in July, and the demand is flat, and the hydrogen peroxide water will rise and bear pressure in the future.