June 13 Epichlorohydrin Market Price Rise

I. The price trend of epichlorohydrin:

According to the data from the business associations’list, as of June 13, epichlorohydrin was 14100.00 yuan/ton (including taxes), up 1.44% compared with last week’s 6th. Today, the mainstream price of epichlorohydrin in China is 13500-15000 yuan/ton.

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II. Market analysis:

Products: Epichlorohydrin market is rising. At present, the spot supply is tight, the manufacturers have no pressure to deliver, and the focus of negotiation is close to the high-end. Some downstream just need replenishment.


Industry chain: Upstream propylene supply is tight, supplier inventory is low, but affected by the decline in crude oil, the market has entered a wait-and-see stage, price stability is dominant. Downstream epoxy resin, manufacturers shipment pressure is not reduced, follow-up orders are limited.

3. Future market forecast:

According to business associations, the domestic epichlorohydrin market will be dominated by high-level finishing in the short term.