The volatility of PVC market is limited

Yesterday’s domestic PVC market quotation basically unchanged. V1909 futures opened slightly higher, but the pressure above was greater. After touching the 10-day line, it fell back, and empty sheet funds increased warehousing. It closed in a small negative line. From the perspective of PVC enterprises, enterprises in all regions have basically maintained stable offers. Only a few enterprises have slightly adjusted, and the fluctuation range is small. Others have preferential treatment for large orders of contract households. In the spot market, the market price does not change much. Most of the merchants are on the market temporarily, and there is no obvious change in overcharge. The atmosphere in the main districts is general. Although some of them have some expectations for national policies, the demand in off-season superimposed supply increases, and the atmosphere is still weak. From the downstream products enterprises’point of view, the inquiries and orders of enterprises are just needed, and they are in conflict with high prices, and the market turnover is basically in the low price supply. At present, the mainstream price of calcium carbide method 5 refers to 6560-6800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of ethylene material refers to 7050-7200 yuan/ton. The fluctuation range of high-type PVC market is limited and 100-150 yuan/ton is high.

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It is expected that the fluctuation range of domestic PVC market today is limited, and the adjustment range is expected to be around 30-50 yuan/ton.

Productive factors: unbalanced distribution of carbide supply, shortage of carbide supply in Shaanxi and Shanxi. Ningxia’s transport inspection is strict, transport trucks affect the export of some calcium carbide, and the purchase price of calcium carbide in Shaanxi area rises again. Since June, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will make a comprehensive arrangement for all hazardous chemical enterprises and chemical parks, and the impact on dangerous chemicals in the later period remains to be seen. The price of external market is at a high level, and Taiwan Plastic PVC has increased its US dollar quotation in July.

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The negative factors: the social stock increased in the last period, and after mid-June, the supply side will gradually increase and the market will be depressed; the traditional demand coming off season, the demand for raw materials of product enterprises will be reduced, some of which will be supplemented, and the digestibility of supply is insufficient; Sino-US trade friction, domestic export tariff of PVC flooring will be raised to 25%, to a certain extent, to curb. Outflow of manufactured goods; 4% drop in international oil prices, confidence of bearish participants.