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Ethylene glycol daily review (20211014)

The latest p value price of ethylene glycol on October 14 was 6900 yuan / ton

In terms of inventory, as of October 14, the total inventory of ethylene glycol in the main port of East China was 490300 tons, and ethylene glycol continued to be in a low inventory state.

Some downstream polyester units still reduce the load or stop, and the purchasing mood is poor. Although the capital gradually leaves the site, and the future price of ethylene glycol has recently stepped into adjustment, the prices of raw materials such as crude oil and power coal remain high, and the port inventory is low. Although the arrival volume of ethylene glycol surges, it depends more on the unloading speed of the port. In general, the fundamentals are still relatively strong, which limits the room for price reduction of ethylene glycol.

Forecast: the adjustment trend is obvious, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is gradually strong.

DBP price trend on October 13

DBP prices fell on October 13

According to the data monitoring of the business community, the DBP price fell on October 13. After experiencing a continuous surge after the festival, the DBP price fell on October 13 and the DBP market stabilized. As of October 13, the price of DBP was 13833.33 yuan / ton, down 1.43% from 14033.33 yuan / ton on October 12 of the previous trading day; Compared with the price of 11266.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of October, the price of DBP increased by 22.78%.

On the 13th, the rise of raw material prices slowed down

According to the price monitoring of business club, on the 13th, the prices of DBP raw materials n-butanol and phthalic anhydride rose, but the rise slowed down, and the quotations of some enterprises fell. The overall DBP cost stabilized, and the support for DBP rise was insufficient.

Future expectations

Bai Jiaxin, DBP data analyst of business society, believes that after the October Festival, the price of DBP raw materials soared, which stimulated the rise of DBP prices. However, with the continuous rise of prices, the acceptance of downstream customers decreased, and the demand for DBP decreased. On the 13th, the price of raw materials stabilized and fell, which stimulated the decline of DBP prices, and the high cost ensured that DBP prices remained high. DBP prices are expected to remain weak and stable at high levels in the future.

The market price of acrylic acid rose on October 12

Trade name: acrylic acid

Latest price (October 12): 18433.33 yuan / ton

On October 12, the price of acrylic acid increased by 0.36% compared with the previous trading day, 25.97% compared with the price on September 12, and 24.20% year-on-year in a three-month cycle. At present, the price of raw propylene is running at a high price, the cost support is rising, the spot supply in the market is still tight, the inquiry atmosphere is positive, and the focus of negotiation is upward.

It is expected that in the short term, the acrylic acid market may operate strongly.

Weak shock of precious metals on October 11

Summary of spot price trend of precious metals

According to the data of business agency, the average early trading price of silver market on October 11 was 4811 yuan / kg, a decrease of 5.37% compared with the average early trading price of spot market in early September (September 1); Compared with the beginning of the year (01.01), the spot price of silver was 5550 yuan / kg, a decrease of 13.32%.

On October 11, the spot market price of gold was 365.95 yuan / g, a decrease of 3.07% compared with the early average price of 380.20 yuan / g in the spot market price in early September (9.1); Compared with the spot price of gold at the beginning of the year (01.01), it was 392.70 yuan / g, down 6.81%.

On October 11, the gold spot market quoted 366.35 yuan / g in the morning and 365.24 yuan / g in the afternoon, and the intraday price moved down slightly; Policy information, the September non farm data suck, the debt ceiling problem eased temporarily, the current focus shifted to the beginning of November, the Fed rate conference. Technically, gold spot is supported at 360 yuan / g, there are signs of double bottom rebound recently, and the resistance level is near 375 yuan / g.

Recently, there are signs of double bottom rebound in precious metals, but the upward attack is weak on the 11th. It is expected that it will still be dominated by weak shocks in the short term.

On October 9, TDI market was sorted and put into operation

Trade name:TDI

Latest price (October 9): 14150.00 yuan / ton

On October 9, the price trend of TDI market rose slightly, and the average market price in East China increased by 0.89% compared with the previous working day. The distribution market in East China is waiting and sorting, and the market price increases. The quotation of TDI domestic goods in the distribution market is about 13800-14000 yuan / ton, and that of Shanghai goods is about 14000-15400 yuan / ton. The actual transaction price is subject to negotiation. The TDI unit of a factory in the North was restarted, the Yinguang and Wanhua units returned to normal operation, and the supply and storage increment was expected. The downstream was affected by the dual control of energy consumption, the start-up was low, the demand was weak, the atmosphere in the field was stalemate, the market trading was light, and the purchase was just needed. It is expected that the future market will rise slightly, and pay attention to the downstream follow-up.

On the first day after the festival, China’s domestic PVC market prices continued to rise

1、 Price trend

Latest price (October 8): 13037.5 yuan / ton

Key points of analysis: according to the data monitoring chart of the business society, the PVC price continued to rise on October 8, and the highest price of the main contract 2201 was 12615, which continued to rise, driving the strong follow-up of the spot market, with a daily increase of 3.57%, most of which rose to around 13000 yuan / ton. On the first day after the festival, the price of raw calcium carbide continued to rise to 7800 yuan / ton, the cost support continued to strengthen, and the downstream product industry started one after another, there was a certain replenishment demand. At the same time, the tight supply still existed, and multiple favorable conditions supported the PVC market to continue to rise.

Forecast: the market price of PVC is expected to continue to rise in the short term.

Hydrogen peroxide market rose and fell during the national day

According to the monitoring data of the business agency, during the National Day, the hydrogen peroxide market rose and showed each other. The price of Zhengyuan hydrogen peroxide was 850 yuan / ton, down 20 yuan / ton, Quansheng chemical hydrogen peroxide was 1000 yuan / ton, up 70 yuan / ton, and the quotation of Luxi Chemical hydrogen peroxide was 840 yuan / ton, stable.

After the festival, the terminal demand will fall, and the price of hydrogen peroxide may fall.

On September 30, the price of propylene oxide was temporarily stable

Trade name: propylene oxide

Latest price (September 30): 17333.33 yuan / ton

On September 30, the market price of propylene oxide in Shandong was temporarily stable, flat compared with the previous trading day, up 8.11% compared with the beginning of the month and down 7.80% compared with the same period last year. At present, the price of raw material propylene rises slightly, the cost impact is limited, the follow-up of new orders of downstream polyether is general, and the overall trading atmosphere of the market is slow.

It is expected that in the short term, the propylene oxide market may wait and see.

On September 30, Shanghai tin closed down 1.86%

On September 30, the mainstream quotation range of 1# tin ingots in the domestic spot tin market was 276500-278500 yuan / ton, with an average price of 277500 yuan / ton, down 1500 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day.

On September 29, the tin commodity index was 142.25, up 1.65 points from yesterday, down 2.83% from the highest point of 146.39 in the cycle (2021-09-27), and up 231.89% from the lowest point of 42.86 on December 9, 2015. (Note: the period refers to the period from September 1, 2011 to now).

On Wednesday night, the US dollar hit a high level in nearly a year, and the metal market was under pressure. The night market generally fell, Lun Xi fell 0.59% and Shanghai Xi fell 1.12%. In early trading today, Shanghai tin continued the trend of shock last night, down about 0.9%. As of the closing on September 30, the settlement price of the main contract of Shanghai tin 2111 was 270680 yuan / ton, down 1.86%. The spot market generally fell today, with the mainstream down 1500 yuan / ton, and the market trading was cold near the holiday. The main downstream areas are Guangdong and Jiangsu and Zhejiang, which are the key implementation areas of power restriction. The production restriction in the main production areas has a great impact on the demand for tin. Although the overall inventory is still low, the social inventory has rebounded recently.

In September, favorable factors led PE futures and spot market prices to rise hand in hand

According to the data monitoring of business agency, the average ex factory price of LLDPE (7042) in East China was 8250.00 yuan / ton on September 1 and 9250.00 yuan / ton on September 30, with an increase of 12.12% during the month and 25.00% compared with the same period last year.

According to the data monitoring of business agency, the average ex factory price of LDPE (2426h) in East China was 11337.50 yuan / ton on September 1 and 12962.50 yuan / ton on September 30, with a rise of 14.33% during the month and 27.24% compared with the same period last year.

According to the data monitoring of business agency, the average ex factory price of HDPE (5000S) in East China was 8750.00 yuan / ton on September 1 and 9333.33 yuan / ton on September 30, with an increase of 6.67% in the month and 9.80% compared with the same period last year.

In September, the overall rise of polyethylene spot market was dominated by favorable factors in the month. The three major polyethylene varieties increased to varying degrees, of which the increase of LDPE in East China was the most obvious, ranking third in the rubber and plastic list in September. During the month, the ex factory price of petrochemical increased one after another, with obvious increase range and strong cost support. Liansu futures market surged, bringing some positive support to the spot market. In addition, affected by the “double control” policy, some coal chemical enterprises have load reduction expectations, and the news boosted the market bullish sentiment. However, the overall trading atmosphere of the market during the month is general. Although it is currently in the peak demand season, the demand is not as expected. The merchant’s mentality is general, and the spot market price is mainly rising. The price of petrochemical enterprises continued to rise in early October.

Liansu futures rose sharply in September, bringing periodic benefits to the spot market. On September 30, the opening price of polyethylene futures 2201 was 9435, the highest price was 9975, the lowest price was 9300, the closing price was 9910, the former settlement price was 9385, the settlement price was 9570, up 525, or 5.59%, the trading volume was 523681, the position was 322940, and the daily position was increased 6162. (quotation unit: yuan / ton)

At present, the futures market has increased, and the new price of petrochemical enterprises at the beginning of the month has increased. In addition, it is currently in the peak demand season. There is a certain demand for replenishment in the downstream after the National Day holiday. In the future, there are still positive factors in the polyethylene market. It is expected that the PE spot market will still rise in October.