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HEXAMINE mainly used plastic resin and a curing agent , a catalyst and a blowing agent aminoplast , rubber vulcanization accelerator ( accelerator H), shrink and the like textile .
HEXAMINE organic synthesis of raw materials for the production of chloramphenicol in the pharmaceutical industry .
 HEXAMINE used as a disinfectant of the urinary system , which itself has no antibacterial effect on Gram-negative bacteria effectively . 20% of its solution for the treatment of underarm odor , sweaty feet , tinea and so on. It is mixed with sodium hydroxide and sodium phenoxide , the masks do phosgene absorber.
Used in the manufacture of pesticides . HEXAMINE with fuming nitric acid , can be obtained highly explosive RDX , referred to as RDX.
HEXAMINE also as determination of bismuth , indium , manganese , cobalt , thorium , platinum, magnesium production, lithium, copper , uranium , beryllium , tellurium , bromide, iodide, etc. reagents and chromatography reagents.
Military fuel is used .
As a curing agent for resins and plastics , rubber vulcanization accelerator ( accelerator H), textiles shrink agent , and the system for fungicides, explosives. When medicinal, acidic urine after oral administration in case of decomposition of formaldehyde into sterilization , used for mild urinary tract infection ; outside used to treat ringworm, antiperspirant , cure underarm odor . Mixed with caustic soda and sodium phenol for gas masks as phosgene absorber.