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Azodicarbonamide Use

Different countries have different requirements on it in the United States , are ” generally recognized as safe ” food additives , flour maximum use level is 45ppm; in the UK, it is considered to cause respiratory sensitive , that its presence in the workplace may induced asthma ; in China , but also as a flour treatment agent limited use . World Health Organization believes that the limited animal experiments show that azodicarbonamide after being inhaled or ingested animal , most are not absorbed and rapidly through the feces is discharged , low acute toxicity in experimental animals , not on skin , eye and respiratory tract irritation. There is not enough research to prove azodicarbonamide on animal or human carcinogens or reproductive toxicity. But there is ample evidence that azodicarbonamide can induce asthma and other respiratory symptoms occur , may also make the skin sensitive to workers exposed to azodicarbonamide in their harmful to other systems are no studies .
However, this chemical is easier accused in three aspects affect human : including the destruction of flour vitamins, calcium absorption and impact damage to the body’s vital organs and induce cancer. Therefore , the United Kingdom , the European Union , Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan have banned the use of azodicarbonamide in food .