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Aluminum sulfate information

LUBON INDUSTRY Co., LTD is one of the largest manufacturers of Aluminium Sulphate production, aluminum sulfate is widely used, mainly is used in the paper industry 、also used as a curing agent of urea formaldehyde adhesive

The physical of aluminum sulfate: white crystal, sweet, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. Industrial gray white flake, granular or blocky,  because  it contains iron salt with pale green, because of low iron oxidation and the Yellow surface.  Coarse grayish white fine crystal structure of porous material. Easily soluble in water, aluminum sulfate is not in the pure sulfuric acid solution (just coexist), in sulfuric acid solution with sulfuric acid to dissolve in water, so the solubility of aluminum sulfate in sulfuric acid is aluminum sulfate in water.

There are anhydrous and eighteen hydrate. Anhydrous is colorless orthorhombic crystals. Soluble in water, aqueous solution is acidic, slightly soluble in ethanol. Solubility in water increases as the temperature increases. Eighteen hydrate (Al2 (SO4) 3 / 18H2O) is a colorless monoclinic crystal. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. Due to hydrolysis acidic aqueous solution.

The chemical properties of aluminum sulfate: not easy weathering and the loss of crystal water, relatively stable, heat loss, high temperature will decompose into aluminum oxide and sulfur oxide. Heated to 770 ℃ begins to decompose into alumina, three sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide and water vapor. Soluble in water,  acid and alkali, insoluble in ethanol.  The acidic aqueous solution .  After hydrolysis of aluminum hydroxide. Long time boiling water solution can generate basic aluminium sulfate. Non-toxic, dust can irritate the eyes. A basic salt and aluminium hydroxide gel precipitation hydrolysis product. Easily with potassium sodium, ammonium salt, combined with the formation of alum, such as potassium aluminum sulfate kAl (SO4) 3 12H2O. Heating hydrate, violent expansion, and a sponge, heated to red hot, into three sulfur oxide and alumina.

FUNCTION of aluminum sulfate: used as effective crosslinking agent animal glue, and can improve the animal glue viscosity. Also used as a curing agent of urea formaldehyde adhesive, curing rate 20% aqueous solution faster .

In the paper industry, such as rosin emulsion wax precipitation agent glue, water treatment flocculant, also can be used for foam fire extinguisher is reserved in the agent, manufacturing of alum, aluminum materials, oil decolorization, removal of raw materials, some drugs such as odorant. Can also be used for making artificial stones and senior ammonium alum . Arsenic content is not more than 5mg/kg of the products can be used in water treatment

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