Polyaluminium Chloride Use

⒈ urban drainage purification: river water, reservoir water, groundwater.
⒉ industrial water purification.
⒊ urban sewage treatment.
⒋ industrial wastewater and waste recycling useful materials to promote the recovery of the settlement of coal washing waste water, starch and starch manufacturing.
⒌ various industrial wastewater treatment: dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, wastewater containing fluoride, heavy metals and waste water, wastewater, wastewater, coal washing waste, mining waste, brewing wastewater, metallurgical waste, meat processing wastewater, sewage treatment.
⒍ paper sizing.
⒎ sugar refining.
⒏ casting.
⒐ wrinkle-free fabric.
⒑ catalyst carrier.
⒒ medicine refining
⒓ quick-setting cement.
⒔ cosmetic ingredients.