Monosodium phosphate Indications

(1) for the prevention and treatment of hypophosphatemia. Also as a full intravenous nutritional therapy phosphorus additives to prevent hypophosphatemia.
(2) adjuvant urinary tract infection, the drug can make urine acidification, thereby enhancing the almond acid methenamine and methenamine hippurate antibacterial activity, and can eliminate the ammonia smell of urine in the urinary tract infection and turbidity.
(3) calcium kidney stone prevention. This medicine can make urine acidification, increasing the solubility of calcium to prevent the deposition of calcium in the urine, thus preventing the recurrence of calcium-containing kidney stones.
(4) the treatment of hypercalcemia. In recent years has not used the drug to treat high hypercalcemia, while others are more safe and effective method of application.