The market for ethyl acetate has slightly weakened this week (6.24-6.28)

This week (6.24-6.28), the domestic price of ethyl acetate first fell and then stabilized. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Shengyishe, as of the 28th, the price of ethyl acetate was 6250 yuan/ton, which was 0.11% lower than the price of 6256.67 yuan/ton on June 24th during the week. The main reason is the decline in upstream prices and the negative impact on cost, resulting in a downward trend in the ethyl acetate market.


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

Market analysis: The ethyl acetate market has been weak and consolidating this week. On the supply side, the utilization rate of ethyl acetate production capacity is low, and there is no pressure on the supplier’s inventory, supporting the strong operation of ethyl acetate prices; On the raw material side, the price of acetic acid continues to decline, and cost support is weak. The upstream market is transmitted to the terminal market, affecting downstream purchasing. The entry into the market requires follow-up, and under the supply-demand game, the price of ethyl acetate has slightly decreased with the upstream market this week.


In the future, the upstream acetic acid price of ethyl acetate is continuously decreasing, and the cost side is negatively affected. The production and sales of ethyl acetate suppliers are relatively balanced, but downstream procurement is on demand. Coupled with the unstable market mentality affected by raw materials, it is expected that the ethyl acetate market may be weaker than operation in the later period. Please pay attention to the price execution of raw material acetic acid and ethyl acetate manufacturers. At present, the mainstream transaction price in the market is between 6100-6350 yuan/ton.