Supply and demand balance, acetone may experience a narrow upward trend in March

The domestic acetone market saw a slight increase in February, which coincided with the Spring Festival holiday. The increase was mainly supported by the raw material pure benzene. According to the commodity market analysis system of Business Society, the daily price of the national acetone market was 7190 yuan/ton on February 1st, and it rose to 7330 yuan/ton on February 28th, an increase of 1.95%.


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

The acetone quotations in major mainstream markets across the country in February are as follows:


Region/ Price on February 28th/ Monthly increase

East China region/ 7150./200

Shandong region/ 7450.50

Yanshan region/ 7450./100

South China region/ 7300./200

The market operated steadily in early February. In the first ten days, it was the preparation period before the Spring Festival, but as February approaches the end of the preparation period, the trading atmosphere in the market has slowed down, and the market is operating steadily. During this period, phenolic ketone enterprises reduced their production burden. According to statistics, in February, four sets of maintenance equipment were installed, with a total production capacity of 600000 tons, resulting in a monthly production loss of nearly 30000 tons. his


Supported by the cost side, it quickly surged and entered an adjustment period in the middle and late stages. Returning after the holiday, affected by the strong upward trend of raw material pure benzene before and after the holiday, the phenolic ketone factory actively raised its listing price in a state of severe losses, which boosted market sentiment. Traders reported a rapid increase in prices. After the holiday, the low inventory of terminal factories coincided with demand plans, and the trading atmosphere on the market was great. However, the good times did not last long. With the replenishment of imported goods, the factory actively increased its operating rate. With sufficient supply, After the demand side followed up, the demand decreased and the market entered a period of volatile adjustment at the end of the month.


From a cost perspective, the domestic pure benzene market rose first and then fell in February. On February 1st, the pure benzene market was quoted at 7967 yuan/ton, and on February 28th, it was quoted at 8567 yuan/ton, with a monthly increase of 7.53%. Prior to the holiday, international crude oil futures rose, driving the upward trend of pure benzene, which provided strong support for downstream phenolic ketone products.


From a downstream perspective, the overall domestic MIBK market remained stable until the end of the month, with a strong upward trend. On February 1st, the market reported 13400 yuan/ton, and on February 28th, the market reported 13800 yuan/ton; In February, downstream isopropanol increased from 8170 yuan/ton to 8420 yuan/ton, an increase of 3.06%; In February, bisphenol A showed an overall upward trend due to the upstream phenol’s upward trend.


From the perspective of Business Society, there is still a slight upward trend in the acetone market in March. Firstly, there are still maintenance plans for the phenol ketone units of Jiangsu Ruiheng and Jilin Petrochemical in China, with an estimated import volume of 25000 tons, which is the same as the import volume in February. Secondly, the downstream MIBK and MMA products have been affected by the increase in market demand, resulting in high operating rates. Products such as bisphenol A and isopropanol have been operating steadily, with little overall change. Other downstream products have slightly improved after the holiday, and overall, the supply and demand side is relatively stable. It is expected to slightly increase in March