This Saturday, the fluoropropylene market remained weakly stable (1.17-2.20)

1、 Price trend


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

According to statistics from Business Society, as of February 20th, the market price of hexafluoropropylene is around 35500-36500 yuan/ton. Some large factories have lowered their prices by 200 yuan/ton.


2、 Price influencing factors:


This Saturday, the overall market price of fluoropropylene remained weak and stable. After the Spring Festival, the market recovery is relatively slow, and the raw material side maintains the pre holiday quotation, while downstream purchases remain in demand.


3、 Future Market Forecast


Business Society’s hexafluoropropylene analyst believes that the recovery period of the market industry chain is slow, and the hexafluoropropylene market may maintain weak and stable operation in the short term.