Maintain stability in the dimethyl ether market after a decline in November

In November, the domestic dimethyl ether market in Henan fell weakly. According to data monitoring by Business Society, the average price of dimethyl ether in the Henan market was 3700 yuan/ton on November 1st, and 3650 yuan/ton on November 30th. The monthly decline was 1.35%, a 21% decrease compared to the same period last year.


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

As of November 30th, the mainstream prices of dimethyl ether in various domestic markets are as follows:

Region/ Mainstream quotation

Shandong region/ 3900 yuan/ton

Hebei region/ 3850 yuan/ton

Henan region/ 3650 yuan/ton

In November, the overall performance of the domestic dimethyl ether market was weak, with a weak and stable operation. At the beginning of the month, raw material prices were weak, and the mentality of the industry was weak. Upstream supply tightened, but downstream demand further weakened, leading to a decrease in the price of dimethyl ether. Subsequently, the market entered a stalemate and consolidation stage, with weak supply and demand on the exchange and a lack of positive signals to guide the market. The quotation remained stable until the end of the month.


In November, the raw material methanol market fluctuated and rose. Due to the impact of supply and demand, prices fluctuated all the way. At the end of the month, the market was boosted by a decrease in imported resources, resulting in a wave of upward trend.


Overall, the contradiction between supply and demand in the dimethyl ether market has intensified, with sufficient supply, weak demand, and tight profits. It is expected that the dimethyl ether market will continue to operate weakly in the short term.