Stable acetic acid market (5.15-5.21)

The domestic acetic acid market is stable and wait-and-see, with no pressure on corporate inventory. We maintain active shipments and follow up on demand when entering the market downstream. The market trading atmosphere is acceptable, and the industry has a wait-and-see mentality. Supply and demand are relatively balanced, and the price trend of acetic acid is stable and operating.


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, as of May 21, the average price of acetic acid in East China was 3300.00 yuan/ton, which is the same as the price of 3300.00 yuan/ton on May 15 and an increase of 2.06% compared to the beginning of the month. As of May 21, the market prices of acetic acid in various regions in the week were as follows:


The upstream raw material methanol market has fluctuated and declined. As of May 21, the average price in the domestic market was 2282.50 yuan/ton, a decrease of 2.28% compared to the price of 2335.83 yuan/ton on May 15. Futures prices fell, raw coal remained weak, downstream demand remained weak for a long time, social inventory accumulated in the methanol market, and imported goods also continued to pour in, so the price of methanol spot market declined.


The downstream acetic anhydride market is on the rise. As of May 21, the factory price of acetic anhydride was 5480.00 yuan/ton, which is the same as the price of 5480.00 yuan/ton on May 15. Upstream acetic acid prices have stabilized, and the supply of acetic anhydride costs has remained stable. Downstream procurement of acetic anhydride follows up on demand, and market negotiations have been conducted. The price of acetic anhydride is mainly stabilizing.


In the future market forecast, acetic acid analysts from Business Society believe that the current supply of acetic acid in the market remains rational, enterprises maintain a pace of shipment, and downstream parties follow up on demand. The market trading atmosphere is acceptable, and the industry is expected to have a wait-and-see attitude. It is expected that the acetic acid market will consolidate and operate in the future, and specific attention will be paid to downstream follow-up.